Massive Hawtness

Hey HAWTies, Happy NAPPY Friday!!!!



To Shampoo or Pre-Poo? Is the question???????


Going Napural takes a lot of strength, confidence, frustration, etc. But if requires education & research. Me personally I haven’t permed my hair since late 2009, but taking care of my hair didn’t happen until about late 2010, that’s what I consider my Napural anni. LOL Only cause at that point I made a decision to make sure that my hair is just as beautiful as the wigs or weaves I rock & it would be HEALTHY.


One of the first things that I learned is that Cleaning your hair can actually do damage depending on how your cleaning it & with what! Most shampoo’s contain sulfates which are helpful in keeping the moisture in but it also strips the hair of its natural oils.The majority of the buildup we are trying to remove…

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