There are five main skin types. Depending on your skin type, one should be very careful with the products you are using and implement a routine skin care regimen to keep skin healthy and glowing as well as reduce the possibility of skin irritation and breakouts. If you are uncertain of what type of skin you have here are some characteristics that may help you determine your skin type.

1. Normal Skin

  • Soft and Supple
  • No signs of excessive oil
  • Doesn’t feel dry and tight
  • Minimal or zero breakouts

2. Dry Skin

  • Very tight feeling
  • Flaky
  • Unnoticeable pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

3. Oily Skin

  • Very visible pores
  • Frequent breakouts and acne
  • High shine
  • Greasy to touch

4. Combination Skin

  • Dry in the cheeks
  • Oily in the T zone (f0rehead and nose)

5. Sensitive Skin

  • Easily irritated
  • Red spots
  • Blotchy
  • Thin to touch
  • Lack of elasticity
  • Dry to touch


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